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We Specialize in Fun Memories



Working in Corporate America (Banking Industry) one of our founders understands what your event should look like for your associates/guests. Professionalism and Sophistication should be the main ingredients to put your event together. Take your shoes off, dance and enjoy your night while we work the event.


Our dedicated MC will ensure your event run smoothly and alert you to be ready for the next special moment.


We are fully bilingual to assist you with any special announcements to your guests.


Founded in 2012 after personally attending many formal and private events, we quickly discovered that quality, precision, and planning was the key to a successful event. It was born by combining the talent of a GREAT DJ and the talent of a GREAT BUSINESS WOMAN, BoriBoy Productions came to the industry promising to be different and innovative - and that's exactly what we did. We believe in making each event a memorable one by giving 110% every single time and that's why we're constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the quality of our work and services.   We will not nickel and dime our clients, we like for our clients to come back time and time again by making us their “family DJ”.  We are a TEAM of professionals striving for perfection and quality.

Your event is a very special one, don’t let a DJ ruin it….. Hire the right one!

Call us at 407-920-5353 or email us at for a free quote and availability.

We look forward to working with you.


BoriBoy Productions have exceeded over 500 weddings since 2012. Our experience will assist you in making sure your event is well planned.


Our dedicated MC will announced all your special moments ensuring all your guests know exactly what’s going on during your event. From your entrance to giving thanks on your behalf to your guests at the end of the night, we cover it ALL.


Our experienced DJs will put together a playlist for your BIG DAY. They will line up your music to the MC to ensure there is no “awkward” silence once a moment has been announced. Music right on point just like it should be.


Call us at 407-920-5353 or visit our Facebook BoriBoy Productions or Instagram at BoriBoy Productions Official

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Sweet Sixteen

& Quinceañeras

Because your daughter only turns 15/16 once, you can’t afford to have it ruined by the wrong ceremony. We will assist you in planning the ceremony and narrate it on your daughter’s big day.


A dedicated MC will properly narrate the ceremony by explaining to your guests what each one of the event symbolize.


We have extensive experience in the shoe change/ tiara/ ring or jewelry/ flowers/ bible/ last doll just to name a few. We customize your ceremony to you.


Call us at 407-920-5353 or visit our Facebook BoriBoy Productions or Instagram at BoriBoy Productions Official

Corporate Events
Sweet Sixteen
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